谈话内容情景: 资询度假旅游事项;情景,电話沟通交流.


人物角色: 大学社会实践活动,咨询员和大学生.


谈话内容话题讨论: 资询大学机构的旅游路线、 度假旅游花费和旅游地址.

Question 1

参考答案:shopping/variety of shopping


W: Well. Obviously, it varies, but always places of historical interest and also which offers a variety of shopping, because our students always ask about that.

答题构思:依据精准定位句信息内容,所知参考答案为shopping/variety of shopping.

Question 2

参考答案:guided tours

精准定位全文:And then we go for ones where we know there are guided tours because this gives a good focus for the visit.

答题构思:很显著除开上1个提及的shopping以外,另一个都是guided tours.

Question 3

参考答案:more than 12/over 12

精准定位全文:W: Oh and we do offer to arrange special trips if, you know, there are more than 12 people.

答题构思:从文中清晰地说到special trip是为more than 12 people出示的.

Question 4

参考答案:notice board


W: You sign your name on the notice board. Do you know where it is?

答题构思:文中说的是在notice board上签字.

Question 5

参考答案:13th February

精准定位全文:W: Oh sure. Well, err the first one is St. Ives. That's on the 13th of February and we will have only 16 places available because we're going by mini bus.

答题构思:依据精准定位句信息内容参考答案是13th February.

Question 6

参考答案:Tower of London

精准定位全文:And let's see the optional extra is the Tower of London.

答题构思:文字中提及的optional extra是Tower of London.

Question 7



W: Bristol. B-R-I-S-T-O-L.


Question 8

参考答案:American Museum


M: And where's the optional visit?

W: It's to the American Museum, well worth visit.

答题构思:很显著woman说的optional visit是American Museum.

Question 9

参考答案:student newspaper


W: My pleasure. Oh by the way, if you want more information about any of the trips, have a look in the student newspaper.

答题构思:依据精准定位句信息内容,参考答案应当是student newspaper.

Question 10



W: Or have a word with my assistant. Her name is Jane Yentob. That's Y-E-N-T- O-B.



你和雅思的故事 - Go Hard or Go Home

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剑桥雅思 5 test2 英语听力 section3 简介

Section 3

Question 21

答: home/student 's home

原部位: scripts:

TUTOR: Well the results were very good! Anything else?

CRISTINA: I also enjoyed visiting one of the British students we filmed. I 'd never been inside a British home before.

答题构思: been inside 是 {16 的近义词表述.

Question 22

答 :( have)dinner/come to dinner/go to dinner

原部位: scripts:

TUTOR: Yes, good. Do you think you 'll maintain the contact now?

IBRAHIM: I hope so. I 've invited three of them to have dinner with me next week.

答题构思: 这一难题的参考答案是立即的,沒有难度系数.

Question 23

答: technical

原部位: scripts:

CRISTINA: I think, when we were being shown how to edit the film, we had to follow the instructions. And that was very good practice for me. And I also learned some technical words that I hadn 't heard before.

答题构思: words 和 {38 的同义表述替换成.

Question 24

答: slang

原部位: scripts:

IBRAHIM: It was listening to the British students, because they don 't speak as slowly as most of the tutors on our course. I think they speak at natural speed, so it forces me to get used to it. And they use a lot of slang.

答题构思: a lot of 和 {48 的同义表述.

Question 25

答: cooperating/cooperation

原部位: scripts:

CRISTINA: Yes, well firstly, I learned how to use a video camera. And also, I think I really learned a lot about working together with other people. I 've never done anything with a group before, and we had to find ways of cooperating, erm, and compromising, and sometimes persuading people, when they don 't agree with you.

解决困难的念头: learning about 和 finding ways of 是近义词.

Question 26

答: persuading

原部位: scripts:

...and we had to find ways of cooperating, erm, and compromising, and sometimes persuading people, when they don 't agree with you.

解决困难的构思: 与前边的难题十分贴近.留意不必错过了它.

Question 27

答: editing

原部位: scripts:

TUTOR: What about you, Ibrahim?

IBRAHIM: Well, I think I learnt a lot about how important editing is.

答题构思: important 和 {77 的方式变换.

Question 28

答: complete

原部位: scripts:

CRISTINA: We didn 't plan very well. For example, we didn' t decide on dates when we 'd complete each separate step of the project, and we should have agreed about that in the beginning, because we were always late with everything! 解决困难的念头: each stage 这儿的含意与 {90 同样.

Question 29

答: experiment

原部位: scripts:

CRISTINA: I think we should have tried to experiment more with the camera. I mean with angles, and the focus and that kind of thing.

答题构思: make more effort to 和 tried to 是同义表述.

Question 30

答: long

初始部位: scripts:

IBRAHIM: Not really. In fact, I think we were too ambitious. We were inexperienced, and we didn 't have a lot of time, and we tried to do too much, to make a long film. Next time I would make a shorter one and try to get quality better.

答题构思: 这个题沒有难度系数,题型在从文中再现.


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[02:12.39]MAN:I was wondering if it was possible to join the library.
[02:15.16]LIBRARIAN:Are you a student at North College?
[02:17.00]MAN:No, I'm not, but someone told me it was possible to join, even if I wasn't.
[02:21.34]LIBRARIAN:That's right, it is.
[02:22.47]Are you over 18?
[02:24.05]That's our minimum joining age.
[02:26.37]MAN:Yes, I am.
[02:27.60]LIBRARIAN:That's no problem then.
[02:29.09]MAN:Could you tell me what I have to do to join?
[02:32.06]LIBRARIAN:Well, you'll need to come in to the library and fill out some forms.
[02:36.25]You'll also need to bring two passport photos with you.
[02:39.59]We also need two documents for ID, so a driving licence would be fine.
[02:45.02]MAN:I've got that and what else?
[02:48.00]A credit card?
[02:49.20]LIBRARIAN:No , it needs to have your address on it.
[02:52.02]MAN:Shall I bring a bank statement, would that do?
[02:55.00]LIBRARIAN:That'll be fine.
[02:55.94]MAN:Good. Does it cost anything to join?
[02:59.26]LIBRARIAN:Well, it's free for students here but otherwise it's £125 per year or £25 if you've got a current student card from another college.
[03:09.44]MAN:I was at Westerley College until last year but now I've got a job at Jefferson's steel factory.
[03:15.86]Er, it's more expensive than I thought.
[03:19.72]My local library is free.
[03:22.01]LIBRARIAN:But you'll find they don't have the range of reference books or facilities which we buy for our students.
[03:27.82]That's why you have to pay to be an external member.
[03:30.81]MAN:I see. How many books can I borrow?
[03:34.94]LIBRARIAN:We allow twelve items borrowed at any one time if you're a student, and that includes CDs, DVDs and videos.
[03:42.52]However, it's only eight items for members of the public.
[03:46.21]MAN:Fine. And how long can I have them for?
[03:50.21]LIBRARIAN:Well, you can have both fiction and reference books for four weeks which isn't bad really.
[03:56.01]MAN:And what happens if I return them late?
[03:58.41]LIBRARIAN:Like all libraries there's a fine system in place.
[04:01.58]The minimum fine is £1.50 but it can be much higher for some items - up to £5 per week.
[04:08.41]We'll give you a booklet with all the details when you join.
[04:11.63]You can always renew items if they're not required by anyone else by telephoning or logging on to our website.
[04:56.30]MAN:What about the computers?
[04:57.98]Can I use them free of charge?
[04:59.83]LIBRARIAN:For college students it's free, but for external members like yourself, the first hour is free and then we make a nominal charge of £1 per hour thereafter.
[05:10.06]MAN:Do I have to book in advance for them?
[05:12.59]LIBRARIAN:Oh, yes, it's advisable.
[05:14.43]Most people tend to book twenty-four hours in advance although sometimes you can get one with only six hours' notice.
[05:20.63]However, the earliest you can book a computer is forty-eight hours before you need it, and you can only book one hour at a time.
[05:28.67]If no-one else has booked the computer out, then you may be able to have another hour if you want.
[05:34.05]We have a wide range of databases, so the computers are in great demand.
[05:39.36]MAN:I'm thinking of doing some writing and I might need to access national newspapers.
[05:46.05]Do you have them on these databases?
[05:48.61]LIBRARIAN:We do indeed.
[05:49.60]We've got all the big nationals.
[05:51.37]The Guardian and The Observer, The Independent and The Times and Sunday Times.
[05:56.51]We've also got all the local papers and a wide selection of magazines.
[06:02.38]I assume you have photocopying facilities?
[06:05.51]LIBRARIAN:Of course.
[06:06.48]5p a sheet for both A4 and A3 black-and-white copies and 40p a sheet for colour.
[06:12.93]You can get a card from the counter here – it doesn't take coins.
[06:17.56]Oh by the way, another thing I was wondering about was if you ran any writing classes through the library?
[06:25.78]LIBRARIAN:We do, but you'll have to speak to John Grantingham about that.
[06:30.47]He's our resident author.
[06:31.92]He runs the creative writing classes.
[06:34.28]MAN:John… Grant...
[06:36.69]Could you spell that for me please?
[06:39.65] G - R - A - N - T - I - N - G - H - A – M .
[06:47.88]MAN:Are the classes here at the library?
[06:50.61]LIBRARIAN:Yes - he's here on Thursday evenings , oh no sorry , Friday - he's just changed it.
[06:57.01]You can contact him by emailing the library.
[07:01.26]Right, well that's about all I need to know.
[07:04.54]Thank you.
[07:05.73]I'll be along later this week to join.


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