This topic reminds me of the memory stick I lost about 4 months ago.

I usually put it in the front pocket of my backpack, however, one day, when I left for school, I forgot to zip it up. I just left it open. When I arrived at my classroom, I tried to look for my USB stick, but I just couldn’t find it. You know, it is quite small, only about this big. So I guess it just slipped out of my bag.

I was really worried, ‘cause that day, I had a very important presentation to give. The slides my team members made were all in my USB stick. So I doubled back trying to find it. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it. I was terribly sorry, and our study group didn’t get a satisfying grade because of me.

That was not the worst part, actually. The memory is really big, so I basically copy everything onto that stick. It has all of my study materials and pictures and videos from my trips. It’s full of wonderful memories. And I didn’t back up the files onto the cloud. So everything was gone.

This experience taught me a lesson. After that, every time I go out, I would check whether my backpack is zipped or not, and of course, I would have a backup of every important file.


memory stick = flash drive = a small memory device that can be used to store data from a computer and to move it from one computer to another

zip up / zip somebody or something up = to be fastened with a zip/ zipper; to fasten something with a zip/ zipper比如:

This jacket zips up right to the neck.

Shall I zip you up (= fasten your dress, etc.)?

slip = to slide out of position or out of your hand比如:

His hat had slipped over one eye.

The fish slipped out of my hand.

The child slipped from his grasp and ran off.

She was careful not to let her control slip.

slide = one page of an electronic presentation, that may contain text and images, that is usually viewed on a computer screen or projected onto a larger screen比如:

I'm still working on the slides for my presentation.

double back = to turn back and go in the direction you have come from

memory = the part of a computer where information is stored; the amount of space in a computer for storing information比如:

Have you got enough memory available to run the program?

back up = to prepare a second copy of a file, program, etc. that can be used if the main one fails or needs extra support比如:

It's a good idea to back up your files onto a memory stick.

lesson = an experience, especially an unpleasant one, that somebody can learn from so that it does not happen again in the future比如:

The accident taught me a lesson I'll never forget.

We are still absorbing the harsh lessons of this disaster.

It was a lesson not lost on (= learned well by) the team manager.

Let that be a lesson to you (= so that you do not make the same mistake again).

Their openness was a terrific lesson to me.

backup = a copy of a file, etc. that can be used if the original is lost or damaged比如:

Always make a backup of your work.

a backup copy

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雅思口语考试part2话题: Describe something important that you lost 叙述一个丢失的关键东西 遗失的东西




Describe something important that you lost

You should say:

What is it

Why it is important

How did you lose it

What did you do after you lost it

在我印像中,我遗失过的一件很关键很宝贵的东西是iPhone 3G, 这是苹果apple荣誉出品的第二代手机.整部手机是我爸爸在我18岁的那时候买帮我作为生日礼品的.

Well in my memory, one precious thing that I lost was iPhone 3G, which is the second version of the phone produced by the Apple company. It was given by my father when I was 18 years old as a birthday gift.


At that time, I was a senior high school graduate, and my father thought I should be rewarded a present for my entire three years’ arduous preparation for the college entrance exam. You know, it was really an IT thing. It’s not something that every family can afford for their kids. My father never thought this was cheap, but he knew I was longing for it for several months and bought me this latest version with the money he owned in that month, which made me feel quite touched. So, the reason why I think it’s important is not only because it’s quite expensive but also it is a symbol of father’s love.


You know what, I lost my precious iPhone just right after finishing my last summer vacation in high school. I still didn’t know how I lost it, it was probably because that I wasn’t aware of a thief when I was taking the subway to a CBD. This article is from Laokaoya website. Do not copy or repost it.That was really a long summer. Only God knows how sad I was when I couldn’t find my precious iPhone.


I didn’t tell my father about this, because I didn’t want to make my dad feel unhappy and buy a new one. Instead, I worked my ass off during the first semester in college and bought the same iPhone with the money I got in my part-time job.

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Describe something important that you lost in the past.

You should say:

When this happened

Where you lost it

What it was

What you did after it was lost

And explain why it was important.


I remember about two years ago when I was in my first year of work, I lost my mobile phone (手机上) on the way home, which was a very depressing experience because it was the latest version (最新版本) of iPhone given by my parents as my graduation present. It was actually in my hands for no more than three months.

I usually place the mobile phone in the bag but that day was an exception (例外). After replying to the text messages from a friend, I temporarily (临时地) put the phone in the pocket for the convenience, and then went to the bus station to take a bus. During the time waiting for a bus, I suddenly found the phone was missing! My heart skipped several beats (我的心漏跳了几拍) and there was a sense of despair washing over me. I didn’t remember when and how it was stolen. I realised the chances of getting my phone back was slim, so I didn’t go to the police; instead I hurried home and use another device to wipe all the crucial data (关键信息) from my phone.

I greatly regretted not being alert (警惕的) to the thief who stole my mobile phone. Although I could buy a new one afterwards, it had different meaning from the one I had lost. For me, what I lost in that incident was not just an iPhone, but a memorable gift which represents affection from my parents.

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