You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The pie charts below show units of electricity production by fuel source in Australia and France in 1980 and 2000.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

The charts compare the sources of electricity in Australia and France in the years 1980 and 2000. Between these years electricity production almost doubled, rising horn 100 units to 170 in Australia, and from 90 to 180 units in France.

In 1980 Australia used coal as the main electricity source (50 units) and the remainder was produced from natural gas, hydro power (each producing 20 units) and oil (which produced only 10 units). By 2000, coal had become the fuel for more than 75% of electricity produced and only hydro continued to be another significant source supplying approximately 20%.

In contrast, France used coal as a source for only 25 units of electricity in which was matched by natural gas. The remaining 40 units were produced 1980 largely from oil and nuclear power, with hydro contributing only 5 units. But by 2000 nuclear power, which was not used at all in Australia. had developed into the main source, producing almost 75% of electricity, at 126 units, while coal and oil together produced only 50 units. Other sources were no longer significant.

Overall, it is clear that by 2000 these two countries relied on different principal fuel sources: Australia relied on coal and France on nuclear power.


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A 小作文:

主题:  The bar chart shows the distribution of employment among agriculture, services, industries in three countries in 1980 and projected distribution in 2020. 

 Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant. 


这次考试是多柱状图的动态图,需要描述三个国家 2020-1980年期间三个领域的就业情况。需要注意的是,时间跨度是从过去到将来,所以时态包括一般过去式、现在完成进行时、一般将来时态。


The bar charts describe the percentages of people working in three different sectors in 1980 and 2020 in three countries.

Overall, for each of these three countries, the proportion of employment in services has been increasing universally since the year of 1980 while the employment rate in agriculture has been undergoing an opposite trend.

In country B, the agriculture sector was the most important source of employment in 1980, with 66% of people hired into such sectors. People employed in the services and industries respectively accounted for 25% and 20%。Four decades later, it is expected that the ratio of people working in agriculture will decrease to 48% in 2020 whereas the other two sectors will see an increase with the figures to 42% (for services) and 38% (for industries) respectively.

The distributions of employment in the three sectors in country A and C were similar in 1980 and both countries will see the similar trend in 2020. In Service sectors had the largest number of employers (46% in country A 1980 and 67% in country C), followed by industries (30% in country A and 38% in country C) and agriculture (20% in country A and 8% in country C). In 2020, there will be a job cut for both industries and agriculture sectors, but an increase of job opportunities for service sectors.


 (1)universally: adv. 一般

(2) undergo: v. 经验

(3) account for: n. 被占用

(4) job cut: 裁员

这台机器的真题解析由以下 麦考瑞 留学老师制作


麦考瑞 网校雅思教研老师,英国达勒姆大学毕业; 英语专业八级; 高中英语教师资格证等, 主要是雅思托福等留学考试。参加 麦考瑞 网校 World English A2 和 B1 、新雅思 6.5 写作和新雅思 7 写作的设计策划与制作。

A 班级作文:

主题: _ In some cities, there are few controls over the design and construction of new homes and office buildings, so people can build in whatever style they like. Do you think advantages outweigh disadvantages? _

问题: 分析利弊

主题: 市政府

解决问题的思路: 自古以来,建筑就能直观地反映城市乃至民族特色。但是,随着人口的增加和建筑需求的增加,很多地区的住宅和写字楼都倾向于做模板,这种现象也或多或少受到了负面的评价。因此,一些城市撤销了对新建筑设计和建造的控制。但是,如果人们完全按照自己的意愿建造一所房子,最终的结果会得到解决吗?本文将通过对比利弊得出结论。


Architecture, combining both the practical function to hold people and the taste of aesthetics of the city as a whole, is an interesting concept to many people. The governments in some regions withdraw the regulations on new buildings so as to encourage architectural diversity and innovation. However, in my opinion, the disadvantages may outweigh the benefits if everyone is free to build whatever types he likes.

Admittedly, it will be dull when all the buildings in a city appear to be in the same size and structure. A place will lose its uniqueness when all the architectures are made out of one mode. But similarly, a large variety of different buildings will add no distinctive features to the place, except making it look messy and dizzy with different styles piling up randomly. Worse still, some buildings may be designed by strange-taste artists whose works will unfortunately stand as permanent eyesores to the public. Therefore, a complete release of control on architecture is not a wise decision.

Moreover, the building materials and land resources will be less considered if there are no regulations. Experts on architectures have already worked out sets of rules for design and construction based on professional experiments and calculation, so many of the regulations have their own scientific reasons. If people build houses out of their own will, regardless of the compulsory requirements, the appearances of the house may be given more priority to safety and practicality, which could lead to disasters in the long run.

All in all, we should note that great cities are made by the buildings that are not necessarily all that iconic. Diversity and conformity are not mutually exclusive, so buildings should be constructed based on personal preferences as well as government regulations.


1 practical function: 实用功能

2 aesthetics: n. 美学

3 dizzy: adj. 头晕

4 permanent: adj. 永久

5 eyesores: n. 丑陋的东西

6 priority: n. 优先级

7 iconic: adj 标志性的

这台机器的真题解析由以下 麦考瑞 留学老师制作



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2012年4月雅思听力预测 (V09140)

2017-04-13 15: 51

来源: 雅思 9 分网


2012年4月雅思听力预测 (版本 {1)


Section 1: 30037 = 50110 = 07126 = 08121 = 09140

话题背景 题目词汇 答案拼写
警察询问女士家被盗情况 occupant n.居住者 purse n.钱包 serial number 序列号 burglar n.窃贼 nationality n.国籍 previous experience 先前经历 zipper n.拉链 stuff n.材料 Griek(人名) 15.03.1980 1980年3月15日 Ellendale(地名) Grenadian(国籍) none pron. 没有(被盗的先前经历) 8 months 8个月 1(居住者人数) silver cloth 银布
答案拼写注意事项: Griek :人名中的姓氏,专有名词,首字母要大写. 15.03.1980:1980年3月15日,注意原文中说的是the fifteenth of the third of the third,但是因为题目的要求是no more than three words and/or a number,如果写15th March 1980,答案就变成了一个单词和两个数字,不符合题目的要求,所以必须写成15.03.1980. Ellendale:这里先给出单词又给出字母拼写. Grenadian:国籍,格林纳达人,专有名词,首字母要大写.

Section 2 09140

话题背景 题目词汇 答案拼写
加热器介绍 switch n.开关 reset button 复原按钮 warning light 警示灯 washing powder 洗衣粉 pillow n.枕头 7723281(电话号码) Thursday n.星期四
答案拼写注意事项: 此章节前3道题为图解标签题,中间5道为配对题. Thurdsay:星期名,专有名词,首字母要大写.

Section 3 09140

话题背景 题目词汇 答案拼写
男女生做商业课题研究 method n.方法 field n.领域,范围 facilities n.工具,设施 Retail n.零售(题目名称) population n.人口 consumer n.消费者,顾客用户 interview skills 免谈技巧 statistics n.数据 overseas adj.海外的,国外的 college n.学院 tape recorder 磁带录音机 internet connection 连接
答案拼写注意事项: Retail:零售,此处是题目名称,专有名词,首字母大写. interview skills:skills为复数形式,其单数形式为skill. statistics:数据,常用复数形式. 本章节第22、23题是研究原因:一是因为人口数量增加,而是消费者的attitudes,试卷上“态度”一词是复数,consumer attitudes是固定搭配,所以不用写成consumers’ attitudes.

Section 4 09140

话题背景 题目词汇 答案拼写
有机农业 fertilizer n.肥料 pesticide n.杀虫剂,农药 sustainable n.可持续的 sales n.销售 energy n.精力,干劲 insects n.昆虫 potato n.马铃薯 10% (低10%) grass n.草,牧草
答案拼写注意事项: 本章节后3道题为选择题. insects:昆虫的复数形式,其单数形式为insect.


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